CRM: Are you a navigator?

CRM: Are you a navigator?

CRM: Are you a navigator or just along for the ride? 

Take Control of Your Salesforce Investment and Drive True Innovation

Are you a CRM navigator or a passenger?

A passenger knows where they are and can identify the obstacles within their immediate view. A navigator knows where they are, where they’re going, and plots the most efficient course to avoid or overcome any obstacles in route to their destination.

For better or worse, the passenger is only along for the ride. The passenger often focuses on the obstacles and tells us why it’s impossible to reach the destination. Be a navigator. Engage CRM experts to leverage the true horsepower behind Salesforce. Guide your organization to the destination that the passenger insists is impossible.

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful platform and it’s often significantly underutilized. This underutilization represents an opportunity to innovate and to earn the position of valued business partner within your organization.

It’s estimated that the average organization using Salesforce is missing out on 70% of the benefits and value of the platform. Your competition is evolving via the ever-increasing capabilities of Salesforce and as they evolve, they grow leaner and stronger. Imagine the increased value you’ll bring to your organization if you’re the key that unlocks the true horsepower behind the platform.

Don’t become complacent with being stuck. Get the support you need to get the job done now and done right!

Your critical CRM projects get delayed when you’re limited to reliance on the scarce and high-demand bandwidth of shared services or IT. The priorities of your business unit may not align with those of your internal partners or your firm at-large. Your emergency is not their emergency. This can result in your critical request for assistance falling towards the bottom of a substantial backlog. It’s frustrating to be waiting in line for help when your need is immediate and opportunities are passing you by.

If you’re feeling stuck, get help!

There is a cost to hiring a new employee or engaging a consulting firm to help you with your CRM needs. There is often a much greater opportunity cost in doing nothing. What is the cost of losing a current client, customer, critical vendor, etc.? What is the cost of missing out on a prospect with needs you know you could meet if only you had the right support? Are you missing out on an entirely new stream of revenue because you aren’t up to speed on the latest advances in the world of CRM?

If you allow the cadence of your firm’s many competing needs to determine your success, you will almost certainly fail. Instead, take the initiative to get the help you need. Break the stalemate by engaging a trusted Salesforce expert or hire a dedicated CRM expert for your business unit. Consider the cost of doing nothing.

Case study:
How a local manufacturer leveraged Salesforce experts to create a new revenue stream

A local manufacturer of professional-grade power protection equipment was interested in providing additional benefit via an extended warranty.  Although the company already had the best warranty in their industry, management had always wanted the ability to provide their end-users with even more peace-of-mind by offering the option to purchase extended warranties on their products.  However, the direct customers are distributors, not end-users.

The manufacturer never had a way to facilitate and track the warranty process or meet their industry-leading goal of responsiveness to claims.  Every day they waited to create this ability was a day of missed opportunity.  Instead of throwing their hands up in frustration and waiting for the competition to beat them to the punch, management reached out to their Salesforce team for help. The Salesforce experts had worked on similar projects for other clients in the past.  Together, they were able to create a user-friendly customer portal to facilitate the warranty process and tracking.

The result:  A new revenue stream worth several times what they had invested in the Salesforce team.

“The Salesforce experts at Xede helped us create the systems that drove an entirely new revenue stream and provided our end-users with a service they have been wanting for years.”

VP of Channel Sales

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The low hanging fruit: Automate the menial so you can focus on the critical

Pick the low-hanging fruit first. We all know intuitively that we really should be focusing our efforts and resources on the highest-value activities. That’s easy to say but the reality is that it can be difficult to lead innovation and drive high-value activities if you and your employees are constantly bogged down in the menial and manual tasks of your business unit. So, the first step is to liberate yourself and your team from tasks that can be completed much more efficiently by the Salesforce platform. That doesn’t mean eliminating FTEs. It means the freedom to re-assign your limited resources to those tasks that you wish you had more time to complete. It means providing your employees with the opportunity to reach their full potential which is leadership in the highest form.

Case Study:
How Maxxon improved QC and user experience by automating the manual

Maxxon Corporation manufactures and distributes soundproof and fire-retardant flooring underlayments for commercial construction projects and successfully competes on their superior product and service.  As a result, quality control and user experience are paramount to success and the company is investing accordingly.   Maxxon collects test samples from each batch of their material applied in the field by their applicator partners.  The testing and distribution of results had always been a time and labor-intensive process.   As a result, management saw an opportunity to improve upon both their QC and partner experiences if they could find a way to automate a portion of this process.

They turned to their Salesforce experts to find out what could be possible.  Together, Maxxon and their Salesforce team designed a system that automated the more menial and repetitive tasks associated with the reporting of test results. This allowed Maxxon’s QC staff to focus on improving the quality of the product and the experience of their partners.  Today, when product installers send in a test sample they receive an automated email containing all of the data necessary to help that installer ensure consistency and quality based on their specific region and associated inputs.


The result: A better product, better user experience, and a seamless quality control process that focuses on improvement over approval.

“With the help of our Salesforce team at Xede, we turned a quality control function into a significant value-add for our applicator partners.”

Michael Berry | CFO | Maxxon

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Build a team of Consultative Challengers

Imagine you walk into a Tesla dealership and tell the sales rep you want a Model S. The sales rep politely walks you through the required paperwork and payment options and a few signatures later you drive away in your dream car. But what if the car was intended to get you to and from your satellite office 500 miles away and the car has a range of 335 miles. The sales rep did what you asked them to do but they failed to ask you some very relevant questions. Now you’re stuck with a very expensive vehicle that doesn’t suit your needs.

If you’re drowning in an internal backlog and desperate to get a task completed, it may be tempting to rush into a solution that is less than optimal or potentially incapable of achieving your objective. Consultative challengers ask the tough questions at critical junctures to ensure that you are capitalizing on the opportunity and taking the most efficient route.

You need someone who utilizes decades of experience across many firms and many industries to provide the best solution possible for a given need. If you want to optimize your Salesforce experience and pay for it once, insist on consultative challengers.

Create meaningful improvement

A partnership vs a transaction

There is a river of CRM possibility and most firms can’t handle more than a trickle. It’s not their fault. If you don’t eat, sleep and breathe Salesforce, it’s unrealistic to expect to keep up with its ever-evolving capabilities. A strong Salesforce team helps you see the river, realize the opportunity to divert the flow, and build the necessary infrastructure.

It’s often said that you don’t know what you don’t know. This is especially true when it comes to Salesforce. Xede Salesforce experts benefit from decades of experience across a variety of firms and industries. We provide you with access to Salesforce admins and developers with a wide array of expertise. In order to fully leverage our experience and knowledge base, we need to get to know you and invest the time it takes to earn your trust.

We are most proud of the moments resulting from several cycles of collaboration when our customers tell us “That’s awesome! I didn’t know we could do that with Salesforce!”

The progression of a strong consultative relationship generally starts with “My project is on hold. Can you build this for me?” This evolves into “Now that you know my business, help me understand what’s possible.” The latter is where meaningful, collaborative innovation is possible. It’s where we can help you develop the roadmap for your organization.

So back to our original question… Are you a CRM navigator or just along for the ride?

Elevate is an ongoing partnership between your organization and ours.   Together, we empower you to lead the CRM innovation that will take your organization to the next level.

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