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The companies who become Xede clients are willing to invest in the future of their business. They can envision and understand how different their company will be in just a few years. They understand that their processes and systems must be able to incrementally scale to sustain their growth. And look for new opportunities to bring value to their customers and be innovative. 

Companies are Utilizing Salesforce to:

Enable Scalability

  • One of our Financial client’s growth was being constrained because their existing systems wouldn’t allow them to effectively scale as they were preparing to execute their IPO
  • We implemented Sales Cloud, integrated to MS Dynamics via Informatica Cloud Services, implemented both a Customer and Partner Community, and delivered several AppExchange apps
  • They successfully IPO’d and have accelerated their growth

Unify after Acquisition or Merger

  • One of our Medical Manufacturing and Services customers had recently grown through several acquisitions and faced the challenge of effectively consolidating sales, marketing and service efforts in order to continue growingWe helped them extend the utilization of Sales Cloud into new areas of the business and integrating it to marketing automation and ERP systems
  • They we able to quickly unify the view of their customers, more effectively share information across the organization and cross sell the entire range of services

Accelerate Upsell and Cross Sell

  • One of our Medical Manufacturing and Services customers has a highly defined and narrow customer base where their growth is dependent upon their ability to effectively upsell and cross sell the entire range of products and services
  • We helped them more effectively understand their customers’ behaviors through a more effective use of Salesforce and more deeply engage their customers in new products and services through the implementation of Pardot
  • They were able to roll out their newest offering in record time with fantastic cross sell results

Minimize Risk During Growth

  • One of our Medical Manufacturing and Services customers—whose growth was accelerating significantly on its own—began to realize they were becoming overly reliant on a few key personnel in terms of critical path workload and departure risks
  • We guided them in an approach with Sales Cloud, Chatter, and SF1 Mobile that expanded the productivity of their resources, while extracting valuable corporate data from these resources
  • They’ve continued growing with greater peace-of-mind and an ability to focus on growing their company instead of the risks inherent in growth

Promote Organizational Discipline During Growth

  • One of our Professional Services Organization (PSO) customers, whose growth had stalled, decided they needed to accelerate their organizational maturity from Heroic to Functionally Excellent in order to return to growing at their target levels
  • We guided them to advanced use of Sales Cloud, implementation of Kimble (a Salesforce Platform-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) software) and workflow integration to their recruiting platform in order to provide them with a predictable and process-driven platform
  • They have returned to their growing ways



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