Xede Methodology

At Xede, our focus is on providing you with the information and support that your business needs to accelerate growth using the Salesforce platform.

Because of this, we work within a specific methodology that provides you with the optimal advantage.

  • Get consensus on growth goals and determine Key Success Indicators
  • Collect value-driven stories from stakeholders
  • Collaborate to form priorities that balance business impact, complexity of solution and risk
  • Design a right-sized approach for the organization, based on its ability to see the associated value, adopt the delivered elements and build momentum for the following phase
  • Initiate Sprints with clear deliverables
  • Present status of deliverables and budget
  • Establish logical revision intervals to accommodate circumstantial shifts, new input or desires
  • Coordinate Quality Assurance and testing updates
  • Prepare for next effort
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