App and Custom Development

App and Custom Development

While many identify Salesforce as a leading provider of CRM software, fewer have yet to recognize Salesforce more broadly as a development platform provider. Gartner has long seen Salesforce as a frontrunner in the space. The most recent “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service, Worldwide” again places Salesforce well into the Leader quadrant and significantly separated from its nearest competitors.

With the help of our experience certified developers, Xede offers Salesforce custom app development that organizations can leverage to go beyond configuration and reach the deeper capabilities of the Salesforce1 platform.


Customizations extend functionality beyond what is available with configuration only. While there’s plenty of business value to be attained via configuration, sensible use of customizations can significantly expand the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to deliver even more impactful results.

Xede will guide you to understand when to add these elements and produce meaningful customizations, including:

  • Visualforce Pages
  • Custom Objects
  • Triggers
  • Process Builder – VisualFlow – Workflows
  • And other advanced, custom development activities

We often observe that thoughtful customizations also propel improved adoption. Enticing users with practical functionality is a great way to improve usage compliance.

Customizations are an integral part of attaining the highest return on your Salesforce investment. Xede’s development team is ready to assist you to attain this value.

App Development

App Development is accelerated on the Salesforce1 Platform. Imagine building your app on the same scaffolding on which Salesforce builds its own products. Apps can range from simple utilities to connectors to complex software packages such as ERP. And, these packages can be deployed as inherently integrated to other Salesforce products or as standalone software in environments where Salesforce products are not already present.

Because of our dedicated Salesforce custom app development consultants, Minneapolis businesses can rely on Xede to assist you as PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) to develop your custom app and successfully navigate the Security Review process required to list your product on the AppExchange. Our team can work with you through the entire life cycle – ideation, architecture, design, build, test, package, deployment, and support.

We can also assist you to gain visibility to the entire Salesforce ecosystem – Salesforce end users, Salesforce Implementation Partners, and other Salesforce ISV Parners by publishing your app to the AppExchange. It’s the largest commercial app marketplace in the world.


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