Data Services

Data Services

We offer:

Data Cleansing

By leveraging Xede’s Salesforce data cleansing services, organizations can gain a partner in designing and implementing best practices concerning your data. From learning to migrate only clean data into your Salesforce org and to implement, to cleaning existing data, we’ll help you to get the most out of your critical client information.

Data Migration

You can access all of your pertinent information on one platform with the help of Xede’s Salesforce data migration services. organizations can benefit from the migration of data from a variety of auxiliary systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner like never before.

Data Integration

Streamline your workflow with Xede’s Salesforce data integration services. We will help you define the best integration approach, select the best integration tools, and successfully integrate to other core systems (ERP, Service, Accounting, etc.).

Do data right with Xede

Need a partner that can get hands-on with you for data cleansing and migration? Want to amplify your success by integrating Salesforce with other core systems? Interested in learning more about the powerful analytics tools now offered by Salesforce?

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